Tucok 193MAX2S Drone review with long flight time


Looking at drones to help monitor your home is an exciting idea, but the Tucok 193MAX2S drone can do much more than this. This drone can record videos and photos, take pictures, provide security, and can be controlled through an app on your smartphone. You can view the drone’s flight path via live video feed and receive alerts regarding flight parameters like altitude, speed, and direction.

The Tucok 193MAX2S drone has a 3-axis stabilization system that allows the camera to keep a steady shot when shooting video. This will enable you to take great-looking pictures indoors or outdoors.

Tucok 193MAX2S is designed for outdoor adventures, skiing, hiking, camping, etc. It is equipped with four propellers and three batteries, which means the battery life is long enough to get you through a trip. This drone is small in size, so you can easily pack it with you, and it can be stored anywhere indoors or outdoors.

This is my Tucok 193MAX2S review and the best camera drone for beginners. You can check out this article to learn more about the Tucok 193MAX2S Quadcopter.

Tucok 193MAX2S Drone Features, Pros, And Cons


It has a 4K camera that takes photos and records videos at up to 30 fps (frames per second) and a wide f/1.7 aperture. This means that you get sharper photos and videos.

The 4K camera is convenient for indoor activities such as selfies or family photos. It allows you to take pictures of the entire room, including objects not within reach of the regular camera.

EIS Technology

With a 4K UHD camera and EIS technology, the 193MAX2S is equipped to produce stunning aerial photos and videos. Its EIS chip means the image is stabilized, and the footage is smooth and steady.

New Modes

Two new modes are designed to help you take better photos.

The first is called “vertical shooting” mode, allowing you to take better portraits. The camera automatically shifts between horizontal and vertical shooting modes, depending on whether or not you’re pointing upwards or downwards. This is great for capturing high-quality portraits.

The other new mode is “time-lapse photography,” It will capture photos and videos of the same subject at regular intervals and then stitch them together into a single image or video. You can then choose the length of the time-lapse and the number of shots taken.

Flight Time

A powerful built-in 5000mAh battery keeps flying for over 99 minutes, much longer than your average drone. With a range of up to four kilometers, this is also the perfect drone for exploring new areas and shooting aerial photos.

Max Height

The 193MAX2S is much more advanced, with two robust motor systems that give it superior mobility. It can fly up to a maximum height of 393ft/120m, which is suitable for capturing shots of large objects or landscape shots.

You can manually adjust the flight path to get an accurate aerial shot of whatever you want.


  • 4K camera with EIS technology

  • Four powerful motors

  • The built-in obstacle avoidance system

  • Can fly in windy conditions

  • Easy-to-use controller

  • Long-lasting battery life

  • Not suitable for beginners


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Who Can Buy The Tucok 193MAX2S drone?

Tucok is a reliable brand that manufactures drones, especially for those who want to buy the Tucok 193MAX2S drone. This is a high-quality quadcopter drone that is easy to control. It is affordable and available in many stores.

The Tucok 193MAX2S is a portable drone designed for anyone who wants to get more shots while traveling or doing outdoor activities. The Tucok 193MAX2S drone is easy to use and can get the perfect aerial video while keeping you safe.

Who can buy the Tucok 193MAX2S? Anyone can buy this Tucok 193MAX2S drone if they want to.



Tucok 193MAX2S is an excellent drone for beginners. It has a lot of features that make it easy to fly. The camera is perfect, and the live streaming is fantastic. I was able to capture amazing images with this drone. It’s also very lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the drone. I recommend it to anyone who wants to start flying a drone.