The Best Headless Mode Drones for beginners in 2023


In today’s world, drones are getting more popular than ever. They are used in various fields, from filming, photography, surveying, security, etc. People can buy drones from many stores, but choosing the best drones for beginners is challenging due to the vast selection of available models.

Here I have shared some of the best headless mode drones available today. These drones are easy to use, compact, lightweight, and offer unique features. You can use these drones without a controller or camera.

If you are a beginner, consider buying a beginner’s Drone, as it is relatively easier to use. On the other hand, if you are an experienced user, then you can choose the advanced models of drones as they offer better features and performance.

So, let’s look at the best headless mode drones available today.


Here is the list of best headless mode drones 2023

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Dynalog DR-DG600C


Altair Aerial AA108

Holy Stone HS175D



Dynalog DR-DG600C

The DR-DG600C is a great beginner drone, but it’s designed for something other than beginners.

It has a strong sense of direction and can follow you around quickly. However, this is more of a drone for people who are already familiar with flying drones, and it could be a better drone for people who are comfortable with flying.

You must be careful when using the Drone as it’s pretty easy to crash. The Drone will take off on its own and try to keep following you. If you want to land on the spot, you must point it in that direction.

The headless mode is great for taking selfies, but it doesn’t work for regular video. It’s not an excellent choice for people who want to shoot videos.

There are a lot of great beginner drones out there, but the DG600C is a bit more expensive.


  • Great camera

  • High-quality propellers

  • Offers automatic flight modes

  • Easy to fly

  • Headless Mode

  • Doesn’t offer video recording

  • Not suitable for beginners



As a long-time fan of the TSRC A6 foldable quadcopter, I’m excited to be able to review the upgraded version.

This is the best Drone that I have ever owned. The design is simple and elegant, with a small size and weight. It’s perfect for outdoor flying and travel.

I bought this one after the original TSRC A6 for my birthday.

The upgraded version has many improvements over the first generation, especially regarding video quality. The new camera offers ultra-clear images with a 120° wide-angle lens, which is great for taking panoramic shots and videos.

The camera can also shoot in 1080p at 60fps. The original TSRC A6 had 720p and 30fps only.

The upgraded version also comes with a 5GHz FPV transmitter, which is much better than the old one.

The new model is also more stable and robust, thanks to the upgraded motors.

TSRC A6 also has a longer flight time of 46 minutes.

There are also more features like the auto return home, headless mode, one critical takeoff/landing, optical flow positioning, speed adjustment, and altitude hold.

TSRC A6 is also equipped with an intelligent GPS function, which allows you to follow the route that the Drone takes.

This is great for beginners who want to learn how to fly the quadcopter.

The carry case is also smaller and lighter than the previous one. It is straightforward to take out of the case and is also suitable for outdoor travel.

I recommend this model to everyone who wants to have fun with the quadcopter.


  • High-quality FPV camera with ultra-clear images

  • Ultra-stable and powerful motor

  • Longer flight time

  • Strong GPS function

  • Small and lightweight

  • The flight time is still short


Altair Aerial AA108

The Drone is a perfect gift for kids, beginners, and adults who want to try something new.

It’s easy to fly, has Headless mode, altitude hold, and a built-in 720p camera. It also comes with advanced remote control technology, making it easier for beginners to fly.

With the Altair, you can take awesome pictures and videos from a bird’s eye view. The 720p camera is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

The Altair has 3 flight modes: Easy, Medium, and Advanced, and you can choose the one you prefer.

The Altair also comes with a long-range and flight time of up to 10 minutes so that you can fly for long periods.

You can also use the Altair’s Custom Route Mode to draw a route, and the Drone will fly along that path.

And it’s not just an excellent gift for kids; the Altair is also great for adults.

The Altair is a great gift for beginners because it’s easy to use and has plenty of safety features.

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  • Durable, well-made, easy to fly

  • Excellent range

  • Has many practical features

  • Fun to fly

  • FPV camera with the phone app is great

  • The camera is a bit small

  • Requires some practice


Holy Stone HS175D

The Holy Stone HS175D is an excellent quadcopter with lots of features. Its price is reasonable, and it comes with a carrying case.

This Drone has a 4K camera, which is excellent for taking stunning aerial photos. It also has an optical flow sensor, which automatically follows you. This makes it easier to get the perfect shots.

Its autopilot system is quite sound since it can return to the home point even if the GPS signal is lost. You don’t have to worry about losing your Drone, and it can help you enjoy a smoother flight experience.

There are also a few other exciting features. The Drone has a 2.4 GHz FPV transmission, which lets you view the world through the camera. This is especially useful if you want to learn how to fly the Drone.

You can use this Drone for fun and commercial purposes. This Drone is suitable for all ages and skill levels, and it’s great for both beginners and experienced pilots.


  • Improved hardware and software

  • More intelligent functions

  • It has many practical features

  • It has a good camera

  • Headless mode

  • Altitude hold

  • Its range is short

  • It’s not as strong as other drones



The 4D-F3 is an excellent toy with many great features for beginners to explore.

The first thing you’ll notice is the size. This is a small quadcopter that’s perfect for indoor use and beginners. It weighs only 239 grams and has a maximum payload of 400 grams. That’s a tiny quad that can fit in your hand or pocket.

The 4D-F3 is easy to control, and you can do almost anything. There’s an altitude hold function, and you can even fly the Drone in a circle around your house. You can even fly the Drone to the ceiling.

There’s also a headless mode, meaning you can fly the Drone without the screen. That’s useful if you’re taking a group shot or trying to make a panorama.

Another feature is the follow-me mode. This is great for photographers because it lets them follow a subject from above, keeping them in the frame. This is especially useful for aerial photography.

And the Drone can do 360-degree rotation, so you can take panoramic photos or shoot videos from all sides.

The 4D-F3 can also be controlled with a smartphone app. You can download the app to your phone and then use the device to fly the Drone. You can also control the flight with the controller.

You can even set waypoints and fly your Drone to them. Waypoints are great for taking aerial shots of a particular area. You can also create custom paths to fly to a particular spot and then return home.

This is a powerful little quad that’s perfect for beginners to explore.


  • Has a long flight time

  • Easy to take off and land

  • high-definition camera

  • It has a foldable design

  • Headless mode

  • Altitude hold

  • Its range is short

  • Some customers complained that the camera needed to be sharper.


Things To Consider While Purchasing The Best Headless Mode Drones in 2023

Flying a Drone is a lot easier and more fun than you think. Flying Drone is easy with all of the modern technology that has been integrated into this drone. It is easier than it seems. However, there are a few things that you should take into consideration while purchasing a headless mode drone. Here are some of the things you should look for while buying a headless mode drone.

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity is the most important thing when buying a drone. This will depend on the time you want to spend in the skies. If you spend a lot of time in the skies, you will need a battery that can last longer.


The weight of the drone is another thing that you should consider. If you are going to fly a lot, you will need a lightweight drone. It would be best if you bought a drone that can last for an extended time.


This is another essential factor to consider when buying a drone. You should purchase a drone capable of performing all the tasks you need


Safety is one of the most important factors to consider. Security is one of the essential factors that you need to consider.


This is another thing that you need to consider. Buy a drone with all the features you need.


The price of a drone is another thing that you should consider. You should purchase a drone that is at an affordable price.

If you are looking for a headless mode drone, you should consider the above things before you make your final decision. You can purchase any drone with these things in mind.



The headless mode is a drone that doesn’t need a pilot. It can fly autonomously or be controlled remotely. This is a drone that can take off and land itself. It is self-piloting and self-navigating. It doesn’t need a human pilot and can even navigate complex environments. The headless mode is a drone that can do all this without the help of a human.

In this article, we have reviewed the best headless mode drones. We hope reading this article helps you decide which headless drone suits you.