Night Lion Tech 193 Max 2 GPS Drone Review


The drone is one of the most advanced technologies used in today’s world. Its remote controller makes this tiny device easy to fly, maneuver, and control. Drones are available in many forms, including the popular quadcopter drones.

Night Lions Tech is one of the world’s best manufacturers of quadcopter drones. Their drones are lightweight, durable, and easy to use. You can use them for different purposes, such as aerial photography, video filming, or as a fun toy.

You can purchase Night Lions Tech Quadcopter Drones directly from their website or Amazon. They are perfect for beginners and expert pilots alike.

Night Lion Tech 193 Max 2 GPS Drone Review, Features, Pros, And Cons.


Its camera will take a high-resolution 4k video and allow you to pan and tilt the camera around the quadcopter, capturing shots from all angles and zooming in and out to see the scene from different perspectives.

This is perfect for beginner and advanced flyers and will take fantastic photos and videos you can share online.

EIS (electronic image stabilisation)

The camera can be rotated 360 degrees, and its angle is adjustable to make it easier to photograph anything you want.

And as mentioned earlier, the camera has EIS (electronic image stabilization), which filters out vibrations from the outside and ensures that your shots come out clear and sharp.

Flight Time And GPS

The GPS-enabled quadcopter has two batteries that will let you fly for about 60 minutes in the air. It also features an obstacle avoidance mode that will stop the quadcopter from flying into things and will beep if it does.

Headless Mode

It has a headless mode that will keep it hovering in the sky for you. You’ll be able to take off and land it with one hand, using the joystick to control the quadcopter’s movement. There’s also an altimeter feature that lets you know what altitude you’re at, so you can fly safely.

Flight Modes

The Night Lion Tech 193 Max 2 GPS drone also comes with various flight modes so that you can control the quadcopter manually or have it follow you by using the Follow Me feature. The drone will fly towards a designated spot on its map and return home when it arrives.

Flight Range

Its range of up to 13000ft means you don’t need to worry about getting lost while taking off and landing. The drone will automatically fly back to where it took off so you can focus on taking your next shot.

For added convenience, the drone will return to you by itself, so you all have to sit back and watch the action unfold in real-time.

Overall, this is an excellent and affordable drone for anyone new to the hobby and looking to start filming aerial footage.

Pros And Cons

  • It has a high-quality camera

  • Suitable for beginners and advanced flyers

  • Extremely compact and lightweight

  • it has Altitude Sensor

  • it has a flight time of up to 60 minutes.

  • Some people might find the drone hard to control

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Who Should Buy The Night Lion Tech 193 Max 2 GPS Drone?

The Night Lion Tech 193 Max 2 GPS drone is a new innovative drone with excellent features, such as 4K Live Streaming, night vision, obstacle avoidance, and automatic takeoff/landing. The drone is very popular among sports enthusiasts and lovers as it is designed to provide them with fun and excitement in various outdoor sports activities.

The Night Lion Tech 193 Max 2 GPS drone is made to provide users with an outstanding video streaming experience. He is suitable for capturing aerial videos and photography, with the added benefits of night vision and obstacle avoidance.

Who should buy this drone? Well, it is designed for anyone looking for a good gift for themselves or someone else.

This drone is perfect for kids, beginners, advanced pilots, and people who love to take photos or videos with the help of their smartphones. It is easy to use and is a perfect gift for yourself or someone else. So, why not get the drone as a gift for yourself or someone else?


The Night Lion Tech 193 Max 2 GPS Drone Review is an excellent drone with a decent camera. If you’re looking for a drone with a decent camera and a good set of features, you should consider the Night Lion Tech 193 Max 2 GPS Drone Review. This is a drone that you should seriously consider buying.