DJI AVATA pro-view combo review with DJI FPV goggle 2


In today’s world, drones are more popular than ever, and various drones are available for multiple purposes. But, most of these drones come with limitations. For example, drones have low battery life, do not have advanced functions, and are not equipped with accessories such as FPV (First Person View) goggles or 3D viewers for the camera view. So, there is no option other than purchasing a drone and using a mobile app to control the drone remotely.

But if you want a drone that meets all your requirements, then DJI’s latest drone is what you need. DJI’s newest drone is called the DJI AVATA pro-view, and it comes with a 7.2-inch display for viewing and controlling the drone. It comes with FPV goggles and a 3D viewer and can handle the drone through your smartphone. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use interface with lots of features that can make flying with it fun.

The DJI AVATA pro-view offers an excellent experience for users when flying. But, with this review, we will provide you with a complete DJI AVATA Pro-view Review With FPV Googles 2, pros and cons, and conclusion.

DJI FPV Googles 2 Review

With the DJI FPV Googles 2 VR system, you can view the live feed on your mobile device and capture HD-quality videos while flying. The FPV capability provides a 360-degree field of view to view the whole world. Moreover, the system allows the user to control the flight using the controller with the DJI FPV GooglES2 headset.

The DJI FPV Googles 2 headset is a wireless, foldable, lightweight, and compact device with a built-in battery and a USB port. Moreover, you can pair it with the remote controller in just seconds. You can also easily connect and charge it using the USB charger and cable that comes with the FPV goggles.


The camera is a 1/1.7 inch sensor that offers a comprehensive angle view of 155 degrees. It shoots 4K resolution video, so you’ll get crisp, clear images. And when it comes to stabilization, it’s got that covered too.

You’ll be able to experience the thrill of flight with this drone, and the built-in propeller guard will ensure you can enjoy the experience without worrying about damaging the drone.

Motion Controller

The DJI Motion Controller is designed to give you a more intuitive way of controlling the drone, and it’s the ideal accessory for anyone who’s never flown a drone before. The built-in buttons are ergonomic and easy to use, and they’ll help you take off, land, and fly the drone.

DJI also includes the DJI O3+ video transmission, providing you with a sharp and responsive HD live feed at distances of up to 10 km. This will ensure you can still see the drone and your surroundings, giving you a clearer, more detailed image.

Flight Time

The transmitter is also small and lightweight, allowing you to fly the drone for up to 18 minutes. You can also set it to return home automatically, making the process even easier.

Pros And Cons DJI AVATA pro-view combo

  • Flight time of up to 18 minutes

  • Can shoot 4K resolution video

  • Offers a range of up to 10 km

  • It comes with the FPV goggles

  • not suitable for newbies


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One of the most significant challenges of drone flying is that it requires constant attention and focus on avoiding hitting objects or crashing. The drone owner must be able to fly safely at all times. The DJI FPV goggle 2 provides a safe and convenient way for the drone pilot to monitor the drone’s flight while remaining fully engaged in other tasks, like driving or watching movies. This device also allows the pilot to view live video from the drone camera to see exactly what is happening around him