Can You Fly Drone In Hawaii 2023


In this post, we will discuss whether or not you can fly a drone in Hawaii. We will tell you the rules you must abide by if you want to do so.

You want to explore the beautiful landscape of Hawaii, where there are many amazing scenic places, beautiful beaches, unique animals, exciting plants, and even friendly residents. You want to be able to capture the best aerial shots of these stunning locations.

But flying drones in Hawaii is illegal. And since drones can be easily seen in the air, people will notice you and ask questions. They will wonder if you are using a drone to steal pictures or to spy on them. They will ask you why you are hovering around their home and if you plan to crash land on their lawn. So you better try something other than flying drones in Hawaii.

If you decide to fly drones in Hawaii, you might become the focus of a law enforcement investigation. For instance, you could be arrested for trespassing if you fly over private property. And the police could confiscate your drone. So you better try something other than flying drones in Hawaii.

In this article, I want to reveal how you can legally fly a drone in Hawaii. And also provide you with a few tips on how to get the best drone photos in Hawaii.

Can You Fly Drone In Hawaii


Are you permitted to take a drone inside Hawaii?

Drones could be helpful for land surveying, and for some industries, they are already being used for aerial photography and videography. If you’re an amateur drone operator who wants to see what drones can do in practice, but you live in Hawaii and have been denied permission to fly your drone in any of the state’s parks, consider submitting a permit application to the State Department of Land and Natural Resources. In many cases, the department will allow hobbyists to fly their drones for recreation, and in rare cases, for research.

Can you fly a drone at the beach in Hawaii?

If you want to take a drone out to explore the outdoors in Hawaii, you might wonder whether you can fly your drone in public areas. This depends on where you live in Hawaii. Some places will allow it, while others prohibit it. Most of the time, a park or a private property owner will have the right to ban drones from their property. You will probably be fined if you fly your drone in a public place. It might be allowed during special events, but most people usually don’t fly drones for fun at the beach or in a park. You may be surprised that flying a drone in a park isn’t legal in many states.

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Drone laws in Hawaii, you must know.

Hawaii doesn’t seem like a hotbed for drone usage, but several different laws govern drones in Hawaii. First, there is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA has the authority to issue rules governing the operation of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), and there are currently no federal restrictions on the commercial use of drones. The FAA requires anyone who wants to operate a UAS must register with the agency and receive authorization to fly. The FAA also regulates hobbyists by setting minimum weight requirements for aircraft.

Where can you fly your drone in Hawaii?

Hawaii allows UAV flight within sight lines of human-crewed aircraft, which means a lot of places, like volcanoes and beaches, that you wouldn’t think of as prime drone flying spots. Hawaii is an excellent place for drone pilots to test their skills. Drones are becoming increasingly popular because they allow pilots to capture aerial footage, shoot videos, and take photos without getting hurt. So, if you’re considering visiting Hawaii, check out the state’s current regulations for drone operation to find the areas where you can fly safely and legally.

Do you need to pass Part 107 to fly a drone in Hawaii?

Yes! So if you’re going to take off in a drone for recreational use, you must pass Part 107. The rule states that anyone who wants to fly a drone must register the device with the FAA. Once registered, you must file a form, pay a $5 fee, and get a permit to fly. To do all of this, you must have either a pilot’s license or you must be the owner of the device. So, if you don’t have a pilot’s license, you’re out of luck.

Frequent Ask Questions (FAQ)

What do I need to know about flying drones in Hawaii?

When flying a drone, it would be best to stay at least 400 feet away from people, buildings, and other objects. Also, ensure that you’re in an area that is clear of trees or power lines.

Can you fly drones in Hawaii?

Yes, you can fly drones in Hawaii.

Can you fly drones in Hawaii if you’re under 18?

Yes, you can fly drones in Hawaii if you’re under

What is the maximum altitude of a drone?

A drone can go as high as 400 feet.

Is it illegal to fly drones in Hawaii?

It’s not illegal to fly drones in Hawaii.

Can I fly my drone in a park? 

Yes, you can fly your drone in a park. Just be sure to keep it away from people and animals.

What is the FAA?

The FAA is the Federal Aviation Administration. They make sure that all drone pilots follow the laws and rules.

What is the UAS?

The UAS is an unmanned aerial system. It is an aircraft that can fly without a pilot.

How far can you fly a drone in Hawaii?

You can fly a drone as far as you want. You need to stay within the guidelines that the FAA sets.