The best syma drones for beginners in 2023


The Syma brand is the best choice for beginners if you are looking for the best drones for beginners. They are known for making reliable and durable drones that are easy to use and control.

The Syma brand offers different models of drones that are very easy to operate and can be easily used by beginners. These drones are affordable and come with great features. Some Syma drones are best for beginners as they can easily control and maintain.

Let’s see what makes the Syma brand drones the best for beginners in 2023.

Here Is The List Of  best syma drones for beginners in 2023

Best Syma DronesBuy Now

Syma X800W

Syma X20 Mini

Syma X400 Mini

Syma X5C 4

syma x650

SYMA X500Pro


Syma X800W

SYMA is a well-known brand in the RC market. They’ve been making drones for years, and their reputation precedes them. The X800W is an excellent choice for beginners and seasoned hobbyists alike.
A very well-made drone with a lot of great features.

It’s lightweight and foldable, making it easy to store. It has two high-capacity batteries, giving the drone a reasonable flight time range. There’s a camera on the front, and it records 1080p video.

It has a headless mode so that you can fly without a screen. The app allows you to program the drone to fly straight, circle around you, follow you, or do flips.

It has a very stable flight, and it’s not affected by wind. It can fly in both still and moving modes.

There are three main control modes. The first is “Controller Mode,” where you can control the drone with your smartphone or tablet. The second one is “Remote Control Mode,” which lets you operate the drone without the smartphone.

The third one is “SYMA FLY Mode,” where you can control the drone with the SYMA FLY app. This app allows you to create and save your flight plans to fly the drone to a specific location and return to your home base.

The drone was easy to use, and it was also intuitive. You can program the drone to return to you automatically and to return to its original location after flying.

The SYMA FLY app is valuable; you can control the drone using your finger.

The only thing I found frustrating is that the drone is not waterproof, so if it gets wet, you won’t be able to fly it.

If you’re looking for a decent drone for beginners or a fun way to get some aerial photos, this drone is for you.

  • Lightweight and foldable

  • High-quality camera

  • Stable flight

  • Good quality

  • Not waterproof


Syma X20 Mini

If you’re looking for a small quadcopter that is easy to fly for beginners, look no further than the Cheerwing Syma X20 mini drone.

It’s compact, lightweight, and easy to fly with its 1-key take-off, landing function, and 1-touch-down feature. It’s also got a few other features to make flying this drone fun and easy.

It has an altitude hold function that allows it to hover at a certain height and a headless mode that enables it to fly without a head or body. This is especially useful for beginners who are just starting.

You’ll also find a 360° roll feature, which allows you to perform a continuous roll to get a better view.

This drone is also great for kids, as it’s straightforward for them to use, and they can learn how to fly it while having loads of fun.

They can even use the drone as a remote-control car, which is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

You can fly this quadcopter in the dark with its bright LED lights. It’s perfect for night skies and landscapes and will leave your friends and family speechless.

The only downside is that the Cheerwing Syma X20 is noisy, but this isn’t a significant problem.

So if you’re looking for a small, compact, and easy to fly the drone for kids and beginners, look no further than the Cheerwing Syma X20.

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  • Compact and lightweight

  • 360° roll feature for a better view

  • it’s straightforward for kids to use and master it

  • Only available in one color.


Syma X400 Mini Drone

The Syma X400 mini drone is a great little drone for beginners who want to enjoy flying a quadcopter.

The Syma X400 is small, lightweight, and easy to fly. It can be controlled by either the included remote control or the free Syma X400 APP. The drone has headless mode, altitude hold, and one key to take off/land.

The FPV is pretty straightforward, and you can see what the drone sees from your perspective. It’s excellent for capturing distant landscapes and taking high-resolution videos.

I initially found the remote control a bit fiddly, but after a few minutes of practice, I could control the drone accurately.

It’s worth noting that the Syma X400 is not entirely autonomous, as it needs to be launched via the APP. But that said, it’s a very intuitive and easy-to-use APP, so you shouldn’t have any problems flying the drone manually.

So if you’re looking for a small, easy-to-fly quadcopter, then the Syma X400 is ideal.

  • easy to carry

  • Small size

  • One key to take off/land

  • The remote control can be a little fiddly

  • The camera is a little bit blurry


Syma X5C Drone

This is an enjoyable little drone to fly. I didn’t have any experience flying RC drones before this, but I was surprised at how easy it was to learn.

Syma is one of the leading manufacturers of RC drones, and the X5C is their latest version. It has 6-axis gyro stabilization, making it an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor use. The copter can be easily assembled and disassembled for easy transport and is wind resistant. It comes with a camera that captures 720p HD video.

The Syma X5C can be used for indoor and outdoor flights. It can even be operated indoors using the included remote controller. The 2.4GHz remote controller can be programmed with various functions, including left and right-hand throttle modes. It also contains a 360-degree rotation function and a throwing function.

A landing skid on the bottom of the copter allows it to land safely even if the blades are damaged. There’s also a battery pack and four protection frames, which keep the copter safe from damage.

One of the most fantastic things about the X5C is that it’s equipped with an HD camera so that you can capture the moment. It has a built-in memory card slot, which helps store footage and shares it online.

The Syma X5C is an enjoyable and easy-to-use drone. It was surprisingly easy to learn to fly, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a fun RC drone.

  • Easy to assemble

  • Easy to learn to fly

  • The camera is 720p HD

  • The flight time is only seven minutes


Syma X650 Drone

This SYMA quadcopter comes with a 4k camera that captures much better images than the previous ones to get more detailed shots of your drone.

It can also record videos at 4k resolution, so you can capture much more detail when you’re flying the drone.

In addition, it also has a large for, which is great for capturing aerial shots of your surroundings.

This quadcopter has a 90° upward tilt gimbal, so you can get the shot you want without tilting the camera downward.

It is a good choice for beginners since it is relatively easy to fly. It’s a beginner-friendly drone suitable for indoor and outdoor flying.

It comes with two batteries, which makes the flight time longer than other drones.

With a flight time of up to 54 minutes, it is also an excellent choice for people who enjoy flying their drones.

The drone is also capable of recording 1080p videos.

It is also equipped with a 5G radio transmitter, so you can easily communicate with it via the built-in app.

It has an anti-shock system, preventing the drone from falling when it loses contact with the remote controller.

It is a good choice for people who want to enter the drone racing scene.

  • its flight time of up to 54 minutes

  • It can also record videos at 4k resolution

  • 5G radio transmitter

  • Easy to assemble (Portable)

  • A little heavy


Syma X500 Pro Drone

This quadcopter is an excellent choice if you want to explore your world with a bird’s eye view.

It has a 4K HD camera that can capture fantastic aerial footage and even record video at 30 FPS for slow-motion footage.

The quadcopter can fly for up to 50 minutes, and its 2.4GHz radio allows you to fly it indoors or outdoors.

The included carrying bag makes this drone portable and easy to transport.

The quadcopter features two upgraded 1700 mAh lithium-ion batteries that can keep it flying for hours, and it has a large LCD screen for easy viewing.

It also features a headless mode, which allows you to fly without looking down, so you can focus on the action instead of struggling to keep track of the drone.

You can also use the quadcopter to capture beautiful pictures and videos with the included camera.

The drone’s GPS helps to keep it steady in the air, and the optical flow positioning system keeps it hovering in one spot, even in the wind.

The double stability feature helps to ensure the drone stays steady in the air.

A return home feature enables you to return the drone to a designated point. The quadcopter will return to its original position after you stop controlling it.

  • It is suitable for beginners to advanced users

  • Great battery life

  • Great value for money

  • It can be used indoors or outdoors

  • Not suitable for 6 years old



Things to consider while purchasing The Best Syma Drones for beginners in 2023

Th Best Syma Drones for beginners is one that you can fly quickly and control easily to get a lot of fun and entertainment. But, finding the best drones for beginners is challenging, as many options are available in the market.

Before buying a drone for beginners, you should know what features you are looking for. You should also consider the flight range, camera quality, and size.

Many factors determine the best drone for beginners. If you are looking for an affordable drone for beginners, consider the budget. It is better to buy a drone with a large battery capacity, which means you can fly for a more extended period.

You should also consider the safety features because drones are not toys. It should be safe to fly so that you don’t have any issues with your drone. Also, you should check the drone’s weight so that you can fly it long without getting tired.

To help you get the best drone for beginners, I have reviewed the Best Syma Drones for beginners in 2023. You can choose one of these drones according to your budget, camera quality, flight range, and weight.


Syma drones are easy to use and offer unique features such as flight time, range, resolution, and flight control. This drone is suitable for both beginners and experts and is affordable to anyone who wants to fly a drone. One of the main advantages of using this drone is that it offers many useful features to help people learn how to fly a drone, and it also comes with a free app where users can download the drone, track it, and record videos with it. Users can access the app via the device or Wi-Fi on a smartphone or tablet. This is a complete drone kit that comes with an RC controller, battery charger, drone, propeller, camera, and everything else required to learn how to fly a drone