Autel Robotics EVO Nano Plus Drone Review


Autel Robotics EVO Nano Plus is a powerful and affordable drone that is easy to fly and control. It has a high-quality camera and can record and send HD videos, 3D images, and 360-degree views. It has an innovative remote controller that makes it easy to operate and control the drone, and the latest version has a new intuitive interface that makes it easier to fly.

This Autel Robotics EVO Nano plus is a fantastic drone that can do everything you want from it. It comes with a 4K camera and the ability to record videos in 4K resolution and send them to the smartphone.

The Autel Robotics EVO Nano plus is a great drone that can perform every task you want. It has a very stable flight and can stay aloft for more than 28 minutes. It is easy to use and can be controlled quickly and safely. This drone is suitable for beginners and professionals who want to learn how to fly a drone. It is a drone that you can use to capture aerial photos and videos, and it is an excellent gift for those who love drones.

Autel Robotics EVO Nano Plus Drone Features


This drone has an HD camera capable of 4K video recording and high-resolution stills. It has a 4k Camera with 1/1.28CMOS, 2.44μm, and a 50MP Leica lens, which means it can deliver sharp photos and videos. The quadcopter is also equipped with a 4K / 30fps HD video recorder, which makes it very good for aerial videography.

We also like that these drones feature dual-focusing. This means you don’t need to be right in front of the camera. So if you’re taking pictures of yourself in the backyard, these drones can focus on you without much hassle.

obstacle avoidance

The obstacle avoidance system has two sensors on the front of the quadcopter. These sensors can detect objects up to 100 feet away and automatically stop the drone when it comes into contact with it.

Flight Time

The drone is also equipped with a battery. The battery can deliver up to 28 minutes of flight time before it needs to be recharged. This is perfect for someone who only wants to fly for a few minutes to take a few photos or record a video.


With its lightweight, you can easily take it anywhere you want and fly it anytime, which is great for beginners. It’s also potent, with a max take-off altitude of 4,000 meters, which is higher than most other drones.


You can use the controller to easily fly the drone through the air and change settings. While you could do this manually, having the option of automatic settings makes it much more manageable.


The design of the Nano Plus is simple enough to be used as a portable drone. As you can see in the images, it folds up very quickly for easy transport.

Overall, the Autel Nano+ is a great little drone. It can perform all the functions you’d expect from a drone, like taking decent photos and videos.

Autel Robotics EVO Nano plus drone Pros And Cons

  • Compact and portable

  • Stable and easy to use

  • It comes with a carrying case

  • 4K/30fps HD Video Recording

  • Not Suitable for beginners


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Should we buy the Autel Robotics EVO Nano plus drone?

The best drone is one that you can fly for hours without charging it. Autel Robotics has introduced an impressive new drone called EVO Nano Plus, which promises to give you hours of flight time on a single charge. So, if you want to enjoy drone flying for long hours, you need to know more about this excellent drone.

The Autel Robotics EVO Nano Plus is a multirotor drone the size of a smartphone. You can carry it around your pocket, just like a smartphone. It has a 4K camera, HD video recording, and HD still photo capturing capabilities. It can also be used for both commercial and personal use.

The Autel Robotics EVO Nano Plus is equipped with an upgraded 3D flight controller, which provides accurate, stable, and smooth flight performance. The drone also has a range of up to 100 meters and can fly for up to 30 minutes on a single battery.

I have been using the Autel Robotics EVO Nano plus for a few months now, and it is the best drone for beginners who want to start their drone flying hobby.


Autel Robotics EVO Nano plus drone is one of the best drones in the world, which makes it an excellent drone for beginners and experienced drone pilots alike. It has a good camera which is suitable for taking videos. The only downside of this drone is that it is not very stable and can fall easily. It is easy to use and comes with many accessories. The drone has a remote controller, charger, battery, camera, propellers, and many other accessories.